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About Ameva

As Ameva Foods Group of Companies, our founding story started in 1998 with the production of high quality preserved vine leaves in China. With our 25 years of knowledge and expertise in the field of Mediterranean ready-to-eat specialty food, we proudly continue this journey at our facility in Egypt.

One of our most important core values is to offer our customers Mediterranean recipes prepared with completely natural and premium quality ingredients. Since our aim is to always keep the quality standard high by accessing fresher and wider selection of vegetables, we made our last facility investment in Egypt in 2019, in addition to our ongoing operation in China.

Ameva aims to keep and maintain the quality of taste at the highest level so that you can enjoy the seed-to-table experience to the fullest. Modern technologies and traditional hand labor are blended in production processes such as seeding, growing, collecting and packaging of products. Stuffed vine leaves, rolled one by one by hand, are the best example of this process.

Bringing the best quality Mediterranean flavors to our customers in a perfect way is among our basic principles. We produce different solutions for different markets by highlighting our corporate flexibility in order to provide the most appropriate services for the needs.

From the first moment we were established, we have been excited about serving traditional Mediterranean flavors with today’s most modern production methods. We would be pleased for you, our valued customers, to embark on this enjoyable and exciting journey with us.

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AMEVA Heze was founded

The first production facility was put into operation in China


Ameva Mediterranean was founded

The first production facility was put into operation in Egypt


Ameva Spain was founded

We celebrating Ameva’s 25th anniversary